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Arkansas Wrestling Tournament Team Rankings Information

Team rankings here at Arkansas Wrestle are purely calculated from individual rankings. Each individual ranking is given a specific point total and those points are added together to formulate a tournament-style team rankings.

Team rankings aren’t meant to show who’s the best dual team or a specific local tournament. It’s an overall holistic look at the individual rankings per team to show that team’s depth if they would all wrestle against each other at a tournament (ie: state tournament).

The formula we use for Arkansas Wrestling tournament team rankings follows:

  • Individual Rank #1: 25 team points
  • Individual Rank #2: 21 team points
  • Individual Rank #3: 18 team points
  • Individual Rank #4: 15 team points
  • Individual Rank #5: 12 team points
  • Individual Rank #6: 8 team points

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