Little Rock Boasts Three No. 1 Seeds Ahead of Pac-12 Championships

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SAN FRANCISCO – Three Trojans head into the 2024 Pac-12 Wrestling Championships this weekend with number one seeds: Nasir Bailey, Joseph Bianchi and Stephen Little. The trio marks another program-high for the Little Rock wrestling team, as no Trojan has ever received a No. 1 seed going into the tournament before this year.

The top two seeds in each class will receive byes, while first-round matches will feature the No. 6 seed against the No. 3 seed, and the No. 5 seed against the No. 4 seed. Along with Bailey, Bianchi and Little, Tyler Brennan also earned a bye after checking in as the No. 2 seed at 174 pounds. The next-highest Trojan is Matty Bianchi, coming in as the No. 3 seed at 157 pounds.

View the full 2024 Pac-12 Championship brackets here.

Each weight class at the tournament has multiple wrestlers in both the InterMat Individual Rankings and the NCAA Coaches’ Individual Rankings with five of the 10 classes having four student-athletes included in at least one of the rankings. The field also is made up of eight Pac-12 champions in their weight class including six winners from last year.  

The 2024 Pac-12 Championships will take place Sunday, March 10 at Gill Coliseum in Corvallis, Oregon. First session matchups begin at 10:00 a.m. PT from Gill Coliseum, while the second session will begin at 4:45 p.m. PT. Both sessions will be available via Oregon State’s live stream platforms (Mat 1 and Mat 2) and on Championship finals will be broadcasted on Pac-12 Network and the Pac-12 Now App, with coverage beginning at 6:00 pm PT.

View all seeds below:

125 seeds with (InterMat Rankings/NCAA Coaches’ Rankings)

  1. Brandon Kaylor, Oregon State  (17/17) – 2023 Pac-12 Champion
  2. Nico Provo, Stanford (18/18)
  3. Richard Figueroa, Arizona State (19/19)
  4. Dominic Mendez, Cal Poly (29/27)
  5. Richie Sandoval, CSU Bakersfield
  6. Jeremiah Reno, Little Rock

133 seeds with (InterMat Rankings/NCAA Coaches’ Rankings)

  1. Nasir Bailey, Little Rock (6/6)
  2. Zeth Romney, Cal Poly (12/11)
  3. Julian Chleblove, Arizona State (26/21)
  4. Gabe Wisenhunt, Oregon State (NR/32)
  5. Dom Lajoie, Stanford
  6. Santino Sanchez, CSU Bakersfield

141 seeds with (InterMat Rankings/NCAA Coaches’ Rankings)

  1. Cleveland Belton, Oregon State (20/21) – 2023 Pac-12 Champion
  2. Jesse Vasquez, Arizona State (15/22)
  3. Jason Miranda, Stanford
  4. Cael Keck, Little Rock
  5. Abe Hinrichsen, Cal Poly
  6. Luis Ramos, CSU Bakersfield

149 seeds with (InterMat Rankings/NCAA Coaches’ Rankings)

  1. Kyle Parco, Arizona State (3/3) – 2022 & 2023 Pac-12 Champion
  2. Jaden Abas, Stanford (15/11) – 2021 Pac-12 Champion
  3. Chance Lamer, Cal Poly (11/10)
  4. Nash Singleton, Oregon State (NR/30)
  5. Kyle Dutton, Little Rock
  6. Brock Rogers, CSU Bakersfield

157 seeds with (InterMat Rankings/NCAA Coaches’ Rankings)

  1. Jacori Teemer, Arizona State (3/4) – 2020, 2021, 2022 Pac-12 Champion
  2. Daniel Cardenas, Stanford (8/7) – 2023 Pac-12 Champion
  3. Matthew Bianchi, Little Rock (31/26)
  4. Legend Lamer, Cal Poly (33/27)
  5. CJ Hamblin, Oregon State
  6. Devyn Che, CSU Bakersfield

165 seeds with (InterMat Rankings/NCAA Coaches’ Rankings)

  1. Joseph Bianchi, Little Rock (23/24)
  2. Hunter Garvin, Stanford (24/25)
  3. Chance McLane, Arizona State (33/32)
  4. Kekana Fouret, Oregon State
  5. Guillermo Escobedo, CSU Bakersfield
  6. Michael Goldfeder, Cal Poly

174 seeds with (InterMat Rankings/NCAA Coaches’ Rankings)

  1. Adam Kemp, Cal Poly (9/9)
  2. Tyler Brennan, Little Rock (23/19)
  3. Mason Reiniche, Oregon State
  4. Cael Valencia, Arizona State
  5. Thor Michaelson, Stanford

184 seeds with (InterMat Rankings/NCAA Coaches’ Rankings)

  1. Trey Munoz, Oregon State (4/4) – 2022 & 2023 Pac-12 Champion
  2. Tony Negron, Arizona State (32/31)
  3. Jack Darrah, Stanford
  4. Triston Wills, Little Rock
  5. Kendall La Rosa, Cal Poly
  6. Braden Smelser, CSU Bakersfield

197 seeds with (InterMat Rankings/NCAA Coaches’ Rankings)

  1. Stephen Little, Little Rock (9/10)
  2. Nick Stemmet, Stanford (17/16)
  3. Justin Rademacher, Oregon State (26/27)
  4. Jarad Priest, Cal Poly
  5. Jacob Meissner, Arizona State
  6. Ryan Arrington, CSU Bakersfield

285 seeds with (InterMat Rankings/NCAA Coaches’ Rankings)

  1. Cohlton Schultz, Arizona Sate (4/4) – 2021, 2022, 2023 Pac-12 Champion
  2. Trevor Tinker, Cal Poly (22/23)
  3. Boone McDermott, Oregon State (23/20)
  4. Peter Ming, Stanford
  5. Josiah Hill, Little Rock (21/21)
  6. Jake Andrews, CSU Bakersfield

Team Rankings

InterMat Team Rankings (Tournament): No. 12 Arizona State, No. 21 Little Rock , T-No. 22 Oregon State, T-No. 30 Stanford   
InterMat Team Rankings (Dual): No. 16 Arizona State, No. 19 Little Rock, No. 20 Oregon State,  No. 21 Stanford 
NWCA Coaches Poll: No. 16 Arizona State, No. 18 Little Rock, No. 20 Stanford, No. 21 Oregon State, RV: Cal Poly        

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